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Every healthy tooth has a root canal with many nerves and blood vessels that are called the pulp. Front and some premolar teeth haveone canal, whereas side teeth can have two, three or even more canals. In case of decay breaching the pulp, periodontal abscesses, traumas, period before prosthesis, and other conditions, it becomesnecessary to carry out the root canal treatment, which is called endodontics. Canals are cleaned, washed, measured and formed; finally they are hermetically sealed with special filler materials. This work requires much diligence and, in most cases,several visits to a doctor. Although constant pain is a frequent inflammation symptom and a sign that the root canal treatment is needed, it has to be confirmed by a doctor odontologist. The clinic uses digital X-ray equipment which can accurately diagnose pulp and periodontal infections and apply appropriate treatment. If necessary, microscope and other innovative technologies are used. The clinic‘s specialists have a long and successful documented medical history of the root canal treatment.