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Dental Fillings

Dental filling helps to rebuild hard tissues of a tooth and restore its aesthetics and function. In regards to dental filling, the clinic uses light-hardening composites and glass ionomer cements of the latest generation. In terms of innovation, the clinic has especially aesthetic Edelweiss and Componeer composite veneers  that can significantly improve your smile after only one visit. All fillings come with a guarantee.

Aesthetic Fillings

It is a fast, safe and effective way to change teeth shape and colour without harming a healthy tooth. There is only one visit needed in order to close unwanted gaps between teeth, restore chipped, worn, discoloured (when whitening does not help), speckled, or crammed teeth. Usable composites and veneers are in line with human teeth physical characteristics. Therefore, filled teeth look natural in any light.

Decay Treatment

Caries (otherwise - decay) is a tooth tissue degradation under the influence of acid secreted by bacteria in the mouth. The acid is processed from food residues and sugar. In case of negative conditions (e. g. poor oral hygiene, unhealthy diet, a hereditary predisposition to caries), a hole develops in a tooth. If untreated, it increases until it reaches the pulp chamber (nerve) and causes pain. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check your teeth every six months (dental examination for the clinic‘s patients is free of charge!) and not wait until it hurts in order to avoid an inflammation, long-term treatment and losing a "live" tooth. The clinic uses an intraoral camera that allows doctors and patients to see decayed surfaces (they cannot be seen with a naked eye) on a computer screen with a close-up view. If a patient visits a doctor on time, caries can be treated successfully and painlessly by drilling a damaged tissue. In case the cavities are deep, a lining protecting the pulp is used and aesthetic fillings are applied. After the root canal treatment is completed, teeth are usually reinforced with fiberglass pins.


More and more patients are complaining about sensitive brown stains and cavities appearing on the edge of gums because of acid-producing food and drinks. These acids affect tooth enamel (the outer layer of the tooth). Erosion is irreversible and can destroy deeper tissues  of a tooth if untreated. Their occurrence is influenced by a patient‘s lifestyle, nutrition disorders, gastric disease, etc. Typically, light-hardening composites are used in order to successfully complete the treatment.

Dental Occlusion Treatment

If prosthesis is not needed, worn teeth are successfully treated with filling.

Children‘s Teeth

Our patient doctors will painlessly fill your child‘s teeth cavities by using strong Japanese dental cements that have an excellent adhesion to a tooth and allow a doctor to complete their work in no time. In order to ensure a long-term protection against decay, our doctors apply sealants onto enamel of the first healthy, permanent molars.