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Dental Veneers

For those who seek a perfectly shining smile, we offer the most aesthetic cosmetic solution - veneers. These especially thin plates, which are glued to the surface of a tooth, perfectly correspond to teeth colour and anatomy. By using porcelain veneers, it is possible to create a "Hollywood smile" and repair minor defects of enamel and tooth shape. Only the enamel surface is being polished (1-1,5mm); a laboratory produces individual veneers and you‘ll need only two visits.

As technology evolves, more and more patients prefer cheaper, but not worse pre-produced composite laminates. Here are the advantages of this method:

  • An opportunity to absolutelysave healthy tooth tissues (sometimes there is no need for polishing)
  • Only one visit to a doctor is needed
  • Laser-treated laminates are distinguished by exceptional durability and aesthetics
  • It caneasily hide teeth discolouration and stains
  • It is suitable for different dental irregularities and cosmetic defects.

All types of veneers are long-lasting and very aesthetic, teeth look naturally healthy even in the neon light.