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  Service Price, €
  Diagnostic procedures and specialist consultation 50.00
  Anaesthesia: intravenous or local 10.00
  Dental x-ray 10.00
  Composite resin filling 60.00 - 150.00
  Coating of the whole tooth using composite resin filling (Veneer) 100.00 - 150.00 
  Direct laminate – Componeer-Edelweiss 150.00
  Fissure sealing for one tooth (sealants) 50.00
  Application of the pulp devitalisation paste 20.00
  Mechanochemical preparation of one root canal 15.00
  Calcium hydroxide paste filling for one root canal 20.00
  Gutta-percha filling for one root canal 50.00
  Removal of filling material from one root canal: zinc phosphate cement 30.00
  Removal of a foreign body from a root canal 70.00
  Endodontic treatment of root canals using a microscope:  
  Cleaning, shaping, and filling of one root canal  120.00-150.00
  Cleaning, shaping, and filling of a root canal with two roots 200.00-300.00
  Cleaning, shaping, and filling of a root canal with three roots  400.00-500.00
  ICON treatment 150.00-170.00
  Tooth extraction                                                                     100.00 - 150.00
  Blood plasma application according to the PRGF®-Endoret® Technology 150.00
  Natural bone augmentation 200.00 - 300
  Wisdom tooth extraction 100.00 - 250.00
  Closed sinus lift procedure using an artificial bone along with the patient's own bone 200.00 - 400.00
  Sinus lift procedure using blood plasma and bone 400.00 - 1000.00
  Bone augmentation with application of blood plasma 300.00-400.00
  Implantation using Straumann implants 800.00
  Implantation using "Roxolid SLActive" implants 850.00
Implantation using "Medentika or Neodent" implants 700.00-750.00
  Removal of one tooth crown 10.00
  Metal-ceramic crown 300.00
  Fiberglass core post or inlay 100.00
  Lab made veneers 500.00-700.00
  Elastic Bredent plates 300.00 - 600.00
  Zirconium-oxide crown 550.00
  Single jaw removable dentures 250.00 - 300.00
  Removable denture cast with a metal framework 600.00
  Metal-ceramic crown on an implant with an individual dental support 500.00 - 600.00
  Metal-ceramic crown on a Strautmann dental support 600.00
  Zirconium-oxide crown on a Straumann dental support  650.00
  Emax veneer 500.00-700.00
  Emax onlay 600.00
  Air-flow procedure and teeth polishing (30min) 30.00
  Professional oral hygiene with instruments, Air-flow procedure, teeth polishing - dental hygienist Ieva Grikienė 70,00 - 90,00
  Application of "SOLO" methodology 45.00
  Teeth whitening with SDI Pola (trays included) 250.00
  Teeth whitening with Enlighten (trays included) 350.00
  Teeth whitening in office with Philips Zoom system (both jaws) (including trays and whitening material for colour building) 450.00