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Ieva Morkūnaitė


Short biography:

This employee provides a wide range of dental services. She performs aesthetic, restorative and endodontic treatment. She always welcomes our little patients. Ieva is the third generation odontologist in her family and has seven years of successful dental restoration, dental and periodontal disease treatment experience. In 2008, she obtained a Master's degree in Odontology in Kaunas University of Medicine. After herstudines, she performed an internship in Antakalnio Clinic in Vilnius where she gained much experience in therapeutic and surgical treatment of people of different ages as well as children‘s treatment and prophylaxis (she participated in the program of dental sealant coating for Vilnius pupils). Later, she improved her practical knowledge in private dental clinics in Kaunas and London. Four years of experience in dentistry and prosthesis in the busy metropolis expanded her professional horizons about teeth of many patients from all over the world. She is into psichology, works gently and helps her sensitive patients to overcome their fears. She promotes a healthy lifestyle, seeks holistic approach to healthcare in her personal life and work.