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Arūnas Morkūnas

Orthopedist and dentist

Short biography:

After graduating from former KMI Faculty of Stomatology in 1986, Morkūnas worked as a prosthodontist in Kaunas Dentistry Clinic. Since 1996 he has been managing A. Morkūno Dental Clinic. In 2004, he acquired the licenses fora doctor odontologist orthopedist and a doctor odontologist general practitioner. He has been improving hisdoctor knowledge duringmany internships in Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Japan and other countries. He is an active member of BOA, Implantology Association and Lithuanian Dental Orthopedic Society.

Professional education

  • Year of 1997, the United States Institute of Implant Dentistry "Dental Implantology“ Seminar;
  • Year of 2003, the Chicago Center for Advanced Dentistry "Conventional Fixed Prosthetics";
  • Year of 2004, International Congress, organized by Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic, Society of Lithuanian Maxillofacial Surgeons and Oulu (Finland) University;
  • Year of 2006,Scientific Conference "Dental Realities";
  • Year of 2007,Seminar organized by YC CORPORATION, Japan, Tokyo;
  • Year of 2008,International Conference "The Aesthetic and Functional Solutions in Dentistry“;
  • Year of 2009,  Symposium "Dental Implants – Let‘s Grow Together";
  • Year of 2010,International Congress "Recent Achievements in Implant Dentistry";
  • Year of 2010, International Conference "Challenges and Achievements in Restorative and Functional Dentistry;
  • Year of 2012,International Conference "Quintessence Baltic Bruximus";
  • Year of 2012,  BOA Conference, Druskininkai;
  • Year of 2012, Courses "Tilted, Short and Narrow Implants vs. Sinus Floor Elevation Oralveolar Ridge Augmentation";
  • Year of 2014,Completed the professional training courses for regulated procedures ("Osteoplastics in Periodontal or Implant Surgery and Augmentaton of Alveolar Process Bone", "Gingival Plastic Surgery", "Immediate Closed Maxillary Sinus Floor Elevation");
  • Year of 2014, BOA Conference „Innovations in Implant Dentistry“;
  • Year of 2015, BTI Day Endoret (prgf) Endogenous Regenerative Technology;
  • Year of 2015,Prevention of Complications in Orthopedic Dentistry;
  • Year of 2015, Eduardo Anitua Biotechnology Institute Vitoria-Gasteiz Spain.