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Treatment with Blood Plasma Using the PRGF machine of the Latest Generation

2015-06-08 16:44:10

According to A. Morkūnas, blood plasma treatment can rebuild a completely lost bone. It sounds like a fantasy. However, now it is a real, natural procedure during which only your own tissues are used.

PRGF (Plasma Rich in Growth Factors) technology is one of the most exciting innovations in modern medicine: bone and soft tissues are quickly restored from blood plasma. A small amount of a patient‘s blood is taken and four blood fractions are identified after fractionation process is completed with the use of a special centrifuge. The most important fraction is the second one as it has the largest amount of thrombocytes that promote healing and  formation of new bone as well as renewal of soft tissues. The process is safe and effective as our own body‘s resources are used, there are no possibilities for disease trasmission and risk of rejection. As feedback of 700,000 people from all around the world shows, it is100% surethat this procedure does not cause any allergies or side effects. As long as there is demand, blood plasma treatment can be applied to almost every patient.

PRFG can be applied in different clinical cases, especially it is efficient after a tooth extracion, dental implant surgery and sinus floor elevation. Blood plasma promotes cell growth and migration, bone angiogenesis and renewal. It also treats inflammation, relieves pain and accelerates epithelization of soft tissues.

This machine can be used not only in dentistry, but it can also successfully help to correct cosmetic facial problems, renew skin, stop hair loss, etc.  Doctor A. Morkūnas has just attended intensive courses in Eduardo Anitua Institute of Biotechnology in Vitoria where he studied PRGF technology applications and technical possibilities. A. Morkūnas is planning to expand the range of services soon.

According to the doctor, the price when compared with all surgical procedures is not high.