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Future of dental prophylaxis - SOLO

2016-05-18 14:21:53

What secret do the Western European dentists providing a 10 year warranty know?  What do you have to do in order to keep your teeth healthy for 10 years? The answer to both questions is SOLO, a state of the art prevention programme developed by the collaboration of Swiss and German dentists.

This programme is especially effective for patients suffering from periodontitis. In just 2 weeks, the programme manages to treat 40% of the problems and in 4 months, as much as 95–100% of the problems. We educate every patient at our clinic on the rules of oral hygiene and introduce them to a really simple but unbelievably effective SOLO oral prevention programme. By correctly cleaning and flossing your teeth, you are preventing the development of carries, periodontitis and other oral diseases.

One may ask, why are we still suffering from decaying teeth and denture inflammations if we are brushing our teeth using a standard toothbrush and toothpaste, as well as, other preventive measures daily? The cause for teeth decay and parodontosis is the bacteria that remains after cleaning your teeth. 95% of all the dangerous bacteria accumulates within the interdental spaces of your teeth while the rest of it accumulates within the deep recesses (fissures) of the molar teeth.


It is impossible to clean these spots using a standard toothbrush. Despite managing to provide a wonderfully fresh breath when used together with a toothpaste, it fails to keep the teeth healthy. If healthy teeth is your main goal, the only thing you have to do is to take care of them using a SOLO toothbrush and SOLOSTIX interdental brushes. With the help of these interdental brushes, you are able to effectively remove the remaining bacteria. This way, you prevent 70% of all the carries and 100% of parodontosis cases. The SOLO toothbrush cleans the even surfaces of your teeth without leaving any cleaning defects. The best way to clean your teeth is by cleaning them one at a time and this is exactly what this SOLO care helping keep your teeth healthy without any adverse side effects does.

Do you clean the whole row of shoes with the same brush? No!
Then why are you cleaning the whole row of your teeth with the same toothbrush?

You can learn the following:

  • How to prevent the formation of tartar
  • How to prevent the formation of new decay
  • How to prevent denture bleeding
  • How to prevent denture contractions
  • How to prevent teeth sensitivity to heat and cold
  • How to prevent loss of teeth
  • How to prevent uncomfortable visits to your dentist

We can help you. We will thoroughly educate you on this program, choose the right toothbrushes for you, train you on how to correctly clean your teeth, and we will rejoice at the perfect results together.

SOLO measures​:

  • SOLO–STIX brushes clean interdentures and concaved teeth walls.  The only way to remove bacteria from interdentures is by using interdenture brushes. They are especially efficient and are able to neutralize 70% of teeth decay and 100% of periodontitis cases.


  • SOLO SWING toothbrush gently cleans the even surfaces of your teeth without leaving any cleaning defects.


SOLO PROPHYLAXIS at the clinic
HEALTHY TEETH (for the rest of your life)


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