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Dental Tourism

2016-11-20 16:55:57

More and more people visit Lithuania specifically for dental tourism due to our well-equiped clinics
and professional treatments, as well as lower prices compared to other countries in Europe. In order
to rapidly solve dental problems, A. Morkunas Dental Clinic is the best choice for You!
The benefits of dental tourism in our clinic include:
Lower treatment costs – up to 80% cheaper, especially for those without insurance
coverage. Lithuania is a high quality care provider at affordable prices. Learn more about

Quality service – our dental clinic is caring, attentive and personable for patients.
Lithuanian healthcare is renowned for quality and transparency: it strictly meets all of the
European Union standards. Learn more about Clinic.
Convenience – in most cases there is no waiting list for treatment and our clinics will work
around your schedule, not the other way around. All dental services are provided in one
place and in the shortest possible time.
Memorable experience – Enjoy a short vacation alongside dental treatment in Lithuania by
visiting local restaurants and attractions.


About us
A. Morkunas dental clinic was founded in early 1996. High-quality work, flexible prices, and
pleasant environment formed a significant base of our loyal patients. The work that started on K.V.
Morkūnienė‘s initiativeis continued from generation to generation in order to foster human values
and follow the Hippocratic Oath in good faith. Since then we are greeting our patients from whole
Europe and we are expanding our dental surgery continuously.
In our clinic you will be greeted by a highly-qualified dentist team, which works in the area of
general dentistry, prosthetic and implantology with the most modern equipment and the best
European ISO standard materials. To each special case the best dental specialists, dentist, dental
surgeon, implantologist, dental hygienists and dental technicians are at your disposal. We work with
the newest technologies and materials in accordance with the strictest regulations, in modern and
elegant environment at favourable prices. Up to date treating methods can satisfy all demands of our
• complete dental surgical and implantological treatments;
• the clinic uses implants of internationally recognized Swiss Straumann, German Medentika and
American Biohorizons companies;
• dental replacements (prosthesis, crowns, bridges) with the most modern medical and laboratory
technical method;
• zirconium crowns at a reasonable price;
• treatment with Blood Plasma Using the PRGF machine;
• porcelain veneers for “Hollywood smile” and repairing minors defects of enamel and tooth shape;
• best quality dental fillings;
• oral hygiene and teeth whitening using Philips Zoom system; SOLO methodology;
• X-ray; Dental Microscope; Intraoral camera; PRGF machine.


Treatment plan
If you could send us a recent panoral x-ray, and describe your dental problem, our dentists and
dental surgeon can give you a treatment plan and a price quotation by e-mail within 24 hours. If you
don't have a panoral x-ray, we ask you to visit the nearest dentist (or hospital) and ask for an x-ray
or if possible ask for a treatment plan. Then you can send the x-ray to us by e-mail or by post to our
postal address.

Get a free quote by email
Get a free quotation and a treatment plan contacting us by email . We are
looking forward to your requests and ensure you that top service is delivered.


Our dental clinic is based in the second-largest city in Lithuania. About 100 km from capital
Vilnius. Nowadays, you can reach Lithuania just in several hours from any place in the world. Well
developed, cheap, fast and abundant air-travel makes it easier than ever - there are 3 international
airports and direct flights from most European airports. We offer free dental pick-up from Kaunas
airport to our clients’ treatments.

Travel, airport transfer and accommodation
Our English speaking organiser gladly helps you to arrange every aspect of your dental treatment
from airport pick-up to booking your accommodation in our town.
Our extra services for our patients are:
• airport transfer (from Kaunas airport) included in the price of the treatment;
• accommodation reservation;
• programme organisation on request.
First make up an appointment, then book your flight ticket and inform us about your date of arrival
and departure. We are partners with 'Algiro Hotel' which is a charming 3-star hotel with a friendly
atmosphere that provides a perfect blend of luxury and comfort. It is located in the prestigious
GreenHill district of Kaunas. Situated in the heart of Kaunas it is only 5 minutes walk from our
Dental Clinic and a 10 minute walk to all the shops and restaurants.


You don’t need to be afraid of any dental treatment because:
• we have been working in close cooperation with a professional team of high qualified,
trained dental surgeons, dentists, dental implantologists and assistants for many years;
• our elegant offices of calming atmosphere are excellently provided with all the up-to-date
technical equipment of the 21st century;
• our treatments are customized and appointments are made for your convenience. We lay
special emphasis on individualized care and the customer’s satisfaction;
• we carry out your dental treatments at favourable price and in outstanding quality in shortest

We hope we won your confidence, and that we will make your aquaintance as soon as possible.

It is your smile that makes us happy and alive!